No problem. Your tech can help select an email provider and then get your account set up.

Yes, TodayTech can help if you’re having trouble with your email. We troubleshoot common email-related problems. This might include issues such as trouble with sending or receiving messages, missing or duplicated emails and undelivered emails.

We can help with that. Go ahead and book your service, detailing the issue you’re experiencing.

Yes. When you book your service, you can detail the issue you’re experiencing. Our techs can assist you with troubleshooting problems you’re having with an online account, even if it’s not an email account specifically.

This Email or Online Account Setup service with TodayTech includes: • Troubleshooting or setting up one active email account • Configuring account settings and features • Demonstrating webmail functionality • Instant online support should you choose to use it instead of on-site service

TodayTech’s Email or Online Account Setup service has a base price of $29. While setting up a new account does not result in any additional charges, if your service requires troubleshooting an existing account, an extra charge of $50 will apply. If you opt for on-site service instead of online support, an additional $50 charge applies.

TodayTech can set up your email account right now! An expert tech can help remotely or come to you to set up a new email account or help you login to your existing email account. Whether you need Microsoft Outlook, Gmail or any other type of account, TodayTech has you covered. We’ll set you up on your desktop or mobile device. We can also help manage your inbox, contact list, and account settings.


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