Your tech will identify the best possible location for your router, however walls and other obstructions can degrade the signal. If necessary, your tech may suggest adding a WiFi extender to your network to improve your WiFi coverage.

First, you’ll need to have a functioning internet (NBN) connection provided by your Internet Service Provider such as Telstra, Optus or TPG. You should already have a modem which provides internet access by connecting devices directly to your modem with ethernet cables. Some modems have built-in WiFi capabilities that can be utilized to create a WiFi network. If yours does not, you’ll need a router that is capable of providing a reliable WiFi signal throughout your home.

Everything depends on a good WiFi connection, so let the experts set up your new WiFi connection just right. Our professionals know how to set up a router perfectly, connect your computer to the WiFi and all of your other devices to the wireless network as well. Feel the freedom and connectivity of a strong WiFi connection without the frustration of setting it up yourself.


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