Your TodayTech technician makes sure that your computer is functioning properly and ready to use. You can ask your tech specific questions about how it works. If you would prefer to have an hour’s worth of hands-on help, you can book a computer training session for just $79.

When you book a Computer Installation and Setup with TodayTech, your tech will: • Perform system updates • Remove unwanted programs • Help you setup user accounts • Test software and hardware functionality • Optimise computer start-up • Setup your user profiles • Help with syncing a printer, an external hard drive, a speaker, or an additional monitor

When you book a Computer Installation and Setup service, a TodayTech technician in your area will be assigned to you. TodayTech services the Melbourne metro area, and you can find out more information by browsing our locations page.

The base price for a Computer Installation and Setup withTodayTech is $89. An additional $20 charge applies if your computer is still in the box.

Essentially, after getting everything plugged in, including the monitor, keyboard and mouse, which TodayTech can help you with, all you need to do is follow the prompts to configure Windows 10 to suit your preferences. If you need a more comprehensive overview of how to use Windows 10, you can book a computer training session with TodayTech.

Setting up email on your new computer varies depending on the type of email client you’re using, such as Microsoft Outlook, or if you prefer to access email through a web browser. TodayTech offers an Email or Online Account Setup or Support service to help you configure email settings on either your desktop or mobile device.

Congrats on your new computer! Keen to use your new PC or new Mac but wondering how to get started? You need a professional computer setup from TodayTech. A professional tech will come to you and set up your computer: transfer your Microsoft Office, move your music library, sync your iPhone or other mobile devices, transfer your programs, show you where to find all of your files, and teach you how to use the new operating system. Don’t be anxious about setting up your new computer. Let an expert from TodayTech get you up and running right away!


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