No. All you need to tell us is what’s going on with your internet connection and/or WiFi signal. Aside from what you’re currently using as your networking equipment, you don’t need anything special.

Yes! It’s our job to find out what’s wrong with your network. If you’re not sure, that’s totally fine. Just tell us what’s going on and we’ll do our best to figure it out and troubleshoot your connectivity issues.

Yes. We’ll troubleshoot connectivity issues and install network cards and wireless connections if need-be. We know methods for speeding up slow internet connections. We’ll also help you set up your internet preferences.

Yes. We can also show you how to speed up your WiFi connection and boost your signal. Our technicians can help you establish a secure, reliable connection to minimize slowdowns. If you need it, we can also configure and secure a router.

Yes. TodayTech’s WiFi and Network Connection Support Service includes troubleshooting network connectivity problems.

When you book a WiFi and Network Connectivity Support service, a TodayTech technician in your area will be assigned to you. TodayTech services the Melbourne metro area, and you can find out more information by browsing our locations page.

Tired of slow and spotty internet? Our expert techs know how to speed up slow internet. We’ll fix your network connection, boost your WiFi signal, and give you the fastest internet possible. Does your WiFi keep dropping out? We will fix your WiFi, establishing a stable, secure connection. Having trouble with your devices? We will connect all of your mobile and smart devices to your WiFi network and make everything work seamlessly.


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