No, the Software Installation service does not include any software. For the most part, TodayTech can install or uninstall any type of software, but it’s possible your service tech may not be familiar with how to use the software. If you have questions on software usage, you’ll have to reference the user manual or contact the software publisher.

Yes. Our techs can show you how to install software on your Mac computer and will make sure it operates properly.

Yes. If you’d like to get rid of software on your Mac, our techs can show you how to uninstall it properly.

Yes. TodayTech is capable of showing you how to install software on Windows 10 and ensure it operates properly.

Yes. If needed, TodayTech can show you how to uninstall software on Windows 10.

When you book a Software Install or Uninstall service, a TodayTech technician in your area will be assigned to you. TodayTech services the Melbourne metro area, and you can find out more information by browsing our locations page.

A software installation with TodayTech includes the following services: • Ensuring compatibility with your existing computer and operating system • Installation of software • Performing any necessary software updates • Setting up any relevant shortcuts on your desktop • Uninstalling unwanted software, if applicable • Instant online support is available depending on the nature of your request

The cost of your Software Installation service depends on several factors, including the scope of the install and whether you choose in-home service or instant online support. The base price for our Software Installation service is $29. If you are installing a suite of software, this adds an additional $30 to the cost. There is also an extra cost if you prefer the on-site service option.

Make TodayTech your first choice for software installation help and on-demand service. Whatever program you want to run, we’ll make sure the software is properly installed on your PC or Mac computer, on any compatible operating system. Don’t wait to get up and running. Expert techs are ready to install drivers and software for you right away.


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