TodayTech’s service is focused on universal computer knowledge and training. Regarding specific third-party programs, your tech may not be familiar with that particular software. If you have questions about specialised software such as MYOB or Photoshop, you’re better off referencing the user manual or contacting the software publisher.

If you’re new to computers or maybe you’re switching from a PC to a Mac and need some guidance with the basics, this service is perfect for you. We can also get you more comfortable with browsing the web. The internet can be a powerful but scary place, so get educated on avoiding potential security threats.

TodayTech offers a comprehensive Computer Training & Lessons service for our customers, covering all the basics, including: • An overview of the operating system you use: Mac or Windows • How to navigate your computer to find the programs you want to use • How to use your web browser to access websites, use search engines, create bookmarks, and other best practices • Up to 1-hour of training on whatever computer basics are most important to you!

Stop getting frustrated trying to figure out how to upload photos, change your personal settings, or find those files you’re certain you saved. Learn the ins and outs of your technology with the help of a friendly computer guru!


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