That’s why we’re here! A tech will assess your computer remotely to either resolve the issue or to diagnose the problem. If your issue requires an on-site visit, we can schedule a follow-up service.

No, TodayTech cannot replace your hard drive because we do not repair hardware. If your problem requires hard drive replacement, we can only diagnose the issue, not repair it.

No, TodayTech does not add memory to your computer. Adding memory requires access to the inside of your computer, and TodayTech does not provide hardware support. If the problem you have requires additional memory, we can only diagnose the issue.

TodayTech can assist and provide advice based on your personal requirements. Usually repairing older computers is more costly than replacing the computer altogether. If it’s more than 4-5 years old, consider your options. And if you need help setting up your new computer, TodayTech is here to help.

TodayTech offers a comprehensive Computer Repair & Help service for our customers, including: Diagnosis, troubleshooting of a single issue, Remote support depending on the nature of your request.

TodayTech’s Computer Repair & Help service begins at $79 for remote service and $99 for on-site service. Additional charges relate to problems your computer may be having and are for covering the cost of troubleshooting. • If your computer starts, but crashes or freezes right away, this is an additional $30. • If your computer is making loud noises, this is an additional $30.

Need computer repairs? You can rely TodayTech for fast and reliable computer services in Melbourne. Our experts will solve frustrating tech issues across both Windows and Mac operating systems. You’re in good hands with TodayTech computer services.


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