The more data you have, the longer your service will take. If you have a very large amount of data, your tech may start the process and walk you through the remaining steps.

A Data Back-up or Transfer service with TodayTech includes many useful services for backing up existing data or transferring files. Here is a list of what our service includes: • Creating a back-up of up to 10GB of data to a CD or DVD • Transferring data to an external hard drive • Backing up data to the cloud

TodayTech’s Data Back-up or Transfer service has a base price of $129. Additional charges may apply if you plan to back up a lot of data. For transfers between 10GB – 100GB, you’ll pay an extra $15. For between 100GB and 1TB, you’ll be charged an extra $25. And for data larger than 1TB, you’ll pay an additional $50.

No, we do not supply external hard drives for this Data Back-up or Transfer service. You will need to have your own external hard drive.

Unfortunately, no. Our Data Back-up or Transfer service does not include data recovery from damaged hard drives.

TodayTech can backup all your files to an external hard drive or to cloud storage, protecting your important files, no matter what. Need to transfer data to a new computer? Wondering how to transfer data from one computer to another? TodayTech has you covered, performing PC to PC data transfers or moving your files between PC and Mac computers. We’ll handle every aspect of your data transfer, including local files and folders, items stored in Google drive or other Cloud storage, and data on an external hard drive.


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